Go Live Checklist

The following describes the process and checks that need to happen before a CampusPress created site goes live.

1. Once the site is completed either by the site owner(s) or the Digital Experience Team, get an email from the site owner stating it is ready to go live. This email can be added to the original request ticket, or a new “go-live” ticket.

2. Do a quick review the site and ensure links and pages are functioning as required.

3. Check that Google Analytics account has been added into the dashboard. Settings > Google Analytics

4. Check that the “Reading” settings is set for the right purpose. Most will be set for “Allow search engines to index this site”. Settings > Reading

5. Confirm with the site owner what the primary Domain name will be. Sometimes the customer may have multiple domain names, so you will need to know what this is and if there are others they have purchased.

6. Confirm with the site owner if any “friendly” URLs are required.

7. Raise a AskIT ticket and assign to DX Team for the domain mapping to take place. Include the email from step 6 is included into the ticket.

Some notes about domain names

The process of setting up a domain name for your site can vary between quick and easy, and a long process that can take a month or more in some rare cases. For this reason it’s a good idea to get some advice early in the process of developing your site.

Registering new domains for your site requires an approval process with Communications and Marketing. Putting your site on a domain that has been previously registered by an individual will require that the domain is brought into the University domain management system. This process requires approvals from the domain owner and a domain transfer – a task that generally takes more than a week.

Generally speaking, domains that end in .auckland.ac.nz are simpler to deal with. If you are happy with a site with a name ending in .blogs.auckland.ac.nz this is the simplest case of all.