Before starting to import a WordPress site, read the checklist below:

  1. Check both the new URL and the original URL – both must be set to Allow search engine or Block search engines. Import will fail if either site is private (or not accessible on the Internet).
  2. Check that the Original site and the New site are “alive” on the server.
  3. All users need to be created before the import. It is not recommended to create users during the import process as it increases the chances of having issues.
  4. Check the number of posts, pages, media files, comments on the Original site. The size of media library and number of posts provide an indication of how long an import might take.
  5. Check the file formats in the media library and make sure all are allowed file formats. The allowed file formats include: jpg jpeg png gif mp3 mov avi wmv midi mid pdf ppt doc docx pptx xls xlsx m4a mp4 xbk notebook wav m4v zip nbk unity3d doc csv gz ico Send an email to if you need a file format added. 
  6. Follow these step by step instructions to import your site.  
  7. Send email to if you need assistance.