The WordPress platform has a large number of Plugins which are available to be used. To view a full list of available Plugins and documentation please visit the Plugin’s Overview page.

Plugins can be added to the site by site administrators, by going to the sites dashboard, and going to Plugins and then selecting which Plugin you want.

Request a Plugin which isn’t listed

If there are Plugin’s which you would like which aren’t listed on the Edublogs page mentioned above please submit the Plugin Request form below.

All plugin requests are assessed as follows:

  1. Does the plugin pose a security risk, server performance issue or has potential to cause compatibility issues with themes, other plugins or the CampusPress version of WordPress?
  2. Does the plugin provide features that many CampusPress users would want?
  3. Is the plugin user friendly?

Sometimes the plugin needed is specific to a theme. In these situations CampusPress will assess if the plugin can be included in the theme.

Request a WordPress Plugin


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