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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Sites at University of Auckland and WordPress, from basic WordPress features to theme and plugin set-up instructions.


How do I make my WordPress site private

WordPress has a number of Site visibility options available to use. Site privacy controls who can and can’t view your blog and if it should be crawled by search engines. You change privacy in Settings > Reading in your sites dashboard. More information on how to...

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WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme changes the design of your website, often including its layout. Changing your theme changes how your site looks on the front-end, i.e. what a visitor sees when they browse to your site on the web. Themes take the content and data stored by WordPress...

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WordPress Plugins

The WordPress platform has a large number of Plugins which are available to be used. To view a full list of available Plugins and documentation please visit the Plugin's Overview page. Plugins can be added to the site by site administrators, by going to the sites...

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WordPress URL’s and Domains

By default, when WordPress sites are created they have a URL structure of <sitename> If this doesn't meet your requirements, then there are a number of options available to you: Second-level domain -  i.e.,

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How do I get a site?

Any academic or professional staff member of the University is eligible to request a website where its purpose is aligned with the activities of the University. You can request a site, by submitting the form via Staff Service...

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How to create user accounts for my site?

The University supports two ways to authenticate to our WordPress platform, either locally or using Single Sign On (SSO). SSO should be used for all staff and students of the University whilst external users can use a WordPress local account or by self-registering...

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Post formats

When you write a blog post you can create one of 6 different post formats. Article, Video, Audio, Quote, Gallery and Link. Each of these formats structures you post differently, putting more focus on the type of content that the format represents. When you write a...

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WordPress Video Tutorials

Over 40 continuously updated, high quality video user manuals for WordPress, brought to you by wpmudev. These videos will guide you through everything you need to know. How-to Videos

Help and tutorials for beginner and expert alike.